“Der Fuehrer” by Konrad Heyden. (21952)


“Der Fuehrer” by Konrad Heyden english-language volume published in 1944 in the USA.


This volume was written by Konrad Heiden in 1943, after fleeing to the United States to escape the revenge of the Nazi regime that he had violently criticized since 1920.
As the publisher says, this book is perhaps the best first-hand work written on the political and social history of Germany at the time.
In it the author traces the profile of Nazi leaders during their private relationships. He tells us what Goering really was and why Goebbels had so much power. Also the true story of what happened in Munich, peace and war with Russia.
All in 788 pages with at the end 12 pages of index that give the chance to find the story of lesser-known characters, such as Hitler’s close relatives and his true family history.