“Auch Du” propaganda pamphlet for enlistment in the Waffen-SS. (23574)


Untraceable “Auch Du” (also you) propaganda pamphlet for the enlistment of the youth of the Hitler Jugend in the Waffen-SS.


This very rare original pamphlet was probably printed in 1942, at the behest of Heinrich Himmler, on behalf of the “Reichsfuehrer-SS-SS Hauptamt, Ergaenzungsamt der Waffen-SS” of the Central Office of Waffen-SS Enlistment, located in Berlin-Wilmersdorf 1 in Hohenzollerndamm,31 and intended mainly for the youth of Hitler Jugend to convince them to enlist in the Waffen-SS, as the title says “Auch Du” (Also You), understood as an exhortation to enlist.

The 32-page booklet is in size 21×29.5 and consists in full of large-format unpublished photos depicting the faces of some of the Hitler Jugend’s youth, interposed with photos of Waffen-ss soldiers in combat, as well as photos of Hitler.
The book begins with photos showing the new German “Volksgemeinschaft”(People’s Community),the need for “Lebensraum”(Vital Space)to the east, the battle against Bolshevism and the Aryan families who must be protected from the Russian hordes!
The photos were taken by Hoffmann, the Fuehrer’s personal photographer, and famous war correspondents such as Augustin, Immerseel, Baumann and others.
Having been built in 1942, when the victorious divisions of the Waffen-SS conquered Europe, the emphasis of this booklet helps to understand, much better than so many journalistic articles, why so many young Germans decided to enlist in the SS combat units, presented as the real elite units of the German armed forces.
The condition of the booklet is more than good by presenting only a few tracks and spots on the fourth cover due to a preservation certainly not perfect, given the times.