“Arriba Espana” original medal of the 1936-1939 campaign. (23595)


“Arriba Espana” original medal of the 1936-1939 campaign in the Spanish Civil War with box.


Official medal for all Francoist fighters established by Decree 26-1-1937 in a single degree to reward the members of the “Fuerzas Nacionales”.
The bottom of the sign is burnished, the crown and the cross are golden, on the reverse the lower circular crown and the eagle are golden. The technique used to coin this coin resembles that characteristic of Toledo of iron or steel with gold.

The medal was coined (designed by Capt. D. Aurelio Perote Martinez) by the company “Industrias Egana”, Motrico (Guipuzcoa) in May 1938 and is also granted to many Italian volunteers participating in the Spanish conflict, but no measures were enacted, certainly for political reasons, to authorize the owners to take advantage of it.
This specimen, complete with its original vintage ribbon with the particular golden buckle and cardboard box is still wrapped in its oiled paper that has kept it in exceptional storage conditions.